Service Item
  1. Building High And Low Voltage Electrical Equipment Project
  2. Water Supply And Sanitary Engineering
  3. Automatic Firefighting Fire Alarm Sprinkle Equipment Engineering
  4. Central System Refrigeration Air Condition Equipment Engineering
  5. High and Low Voltage Automatic Control Equipment Engineering
  6. Fiber Optic Network System Engineering
  7. Access Control System Engineering
  8. Parking Signal Equipment System Engineering
  9. Telephone Exchange Equipment Engineering
  10. CCTV Monitoring System Engineering
  11. Gas Station,etc.Special Water and Electricity Engineering
  12. Design and Construction of Engineering Mentioned Above
  13. Flower Farming and Developing Building Equipment Project
  14. Food Factory Production Building Equipment Project
  15. Airport Terminal Building Equipment Project
  16. Transforming Station Equipment Engineering
  17. Government Building Equipment Engineering
  18. Fire Department Building Equipment Engineering
  19. Water and Electricity Equipment Material Export Trading
  20. Purchase Construction Equipment Material Export Trading